I want to show you, that even though I've had terrible news and once again my son's been released from jail to the streets of San Francisco and it rips my heart to the core, I'm going to dry my tears away and simply do the next logical thing. I'm trying to get him into a facility through a new friend I've made. It's a residential facility in Stockton.

There are good people in the system who will listen and work with us, we must educate and coach and endure and reverse engineer or it will never change. My son is not an animal. He's lost on the streets. Maybe he'll call me if I'm lucky. I will be strong but not silent.



Update on my missing son. I'm hanging out with good friends today while I do employment related errands to get my EMT career going. Ironically, my friend's father had an older brother like my son. He was murdered some years ago while in psychosis and on the streets. The family, much like mine, was desperate to provide care.

But we must focus on life. We must fight for justice. I'm working on getting paperwork in order from San Francisco county jail so, if found, I can get my son to the Ever Well residential facility in Stockton, thanks to manager Paul Cumming. I need help from San Francisco area friends to locate my son. 

Info about my son: He's very tall - 6 foot 6. His name is Shaylon Hovey,  pronounced Shaelen. He has big, crystal blue eyes and may be in the SF Tenderloin/Mission area.

Shaylon loves food. So that's a good bribe or conversation starter (haha). He's stated to his public defender that he wants to go into residential treatment. He's had a Haldol shot recently and needs another shot July 6. I have a power of attorney for his health care and legal and financial. So I, Laural Fawcett, hereby give permission to all advocate friends associated with Facebook groups such as CCA to make personal contact with my son, Shaylon Hovey, in order to assist him in getting medical treatment and care for his disability. He has a diagnosis of Paranoid Schizophrenia and co-occuring substance abuse disorder.

Thank you, friends. Your support in thought, heart, and deed is priceless. If seen, please call 559-960-6426.

Shaylon and Laural

Shaylon and Laural

HOPE IS CRITICAL - by Craig Willers

My name is Craig and I'm 53 years old. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at 18 and later other illnesses. So, 35 years down the road, and miraculously, I'm still here.

My journey's unique and starts in my early years. I worked from the age of 17 and haven't stopped yet. I rarely call in sick for my mental illnesses except for my hospitalization at 23 (a month and a half). My hospitalization was a critical turning point in my life as I discovered (slowly) that I did feel a difference on my meds and counseling was breaking through my psychotic shell. I learned the voices aren't real and that the medications can bring my psychosis way down. I'm still sick but hope to go into remission someday.

I'm married and we'll celebrate our 25th year next August. My wife's been crucial in my support system and just happens to be a nurse (Hospice). I plan to retire from my grocery store job in early 2018 (32 years) and go into Peer Counseling if possible. I want to reach back and show others there is hope out there.

Meds and counseling definitely help but my spiritual path (Christianity) has also been a huge motivator in my life. I believe hope is critical as my life has lead me through some truly dark places and I'm still here. If you're reading this, there is hope! I don't believe I'm a special case, just unorthodox in my approach to living with mental illness.

Wishing you all the best and Aloha.

Photo Credit: Craig Willers Craig as DJ at his most recent gig.

Photo Credit: Craig Willers
Craig as DJ at his most recent gig.

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