A VISIT WITH TRAVIS by Travis Christian BB8099

Hi Dede,

Sorry about getting back to you so late. I had a mental health crisis and I had to go to the crisis bed. I thought my celly was Satan. I think it’s one of my meds that is causing me this (Abilify). Anyway. Scary.

So Sunday, October 14, would be great for a visit. My mom told me she talked to you.

I am looking forward to our visit. It’s going to be nice to meet a professional author. I am so jazzed about your book and for you and to learn the ropes. I pray for you to get through the process and enjoy it.

Well, I’ll see you soon. If this letter gets there too late that will be a bummer.

Thank you for believing in yourself and setting a good example. I haven’t been writing although, today, I started a journal. It feels good to put my thoughts on paper. Reading has been slow. Still not finished with the book you sent. But I will use it eventually and, hopefully, soon. Thank you. I hope you understand.

I got to go.

Love, Travis

Note: Travis and I have been corresponding since February 2018 but have never met. We will meet, for the first time, when I visit Travis at the California State Prison facility in Represa, California.

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