Your wonderful Pat was blessed with a beautiful, caring, intelligent, and empathetic mother. God bless you Dede for all you do from a kindred spirit and mama warrior.  M. Butler

You're keeping a lot of our Loved Ones Alive. Thank You Dede for sharing your Beautiful Heart and Your Beautiful Son.  Sandy T.

Wow. R. K.

Never stop writing. May all your hopes for finding help for the mentally ill come to fruition some day!  Nancy


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I didn't know, as I was writing, that I was capturing the last year of my son's life. His voice comes through loud and clear. For me, in these pages, he'll always be alive.

If you're reading and liking "A Mother's Diary," please let me know. I'm building a case for getting it published — one way or the other. Thanks. 

Please share my blog/book with "other wayfarers who might catch a resonating echo while wandering in my woods." Thanks.

June 1,  2014 - June 14, 2014:
 One of Those Days * MRI Scan * Specialness Everywhere * Time is Ticking By * D-Day * Thinking of you, Pop * Patrick's Facebook Post * Patrick's Facebook Post * Patrick Facebook Post * When There's a Need, Do Something * Ending

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Pat and me in 1969

Pat and me in 1969