A LITTLE BIRD AND A LIFE LESSON by Gilbert Anderson, Jr.

Recently, I was standing in the sunroom of our home when I noticed a little bird flying toward one of the windows. Apparently, my wife had done a terrific job cleaning the windows because the bird crashed violently into the glass.

The bird fell onto our deck and didn't get up. Something moved me to go out the door and check on the little creature. I saw that she was lying on her back on some of the leaves that are always on our deck in the fall and winter. She was breathing but seemed stunned by the impact.

I spoke to the bird — "Come on little bird, get up and fly away!" I stepped toward her and, as I got closer, she turned over and hopped across the deck away from me. So I kept walking after her softly urging her to go ahead and fly off. She got to the edge of the deck, flew a few feet, and landed in one of the plastic tote boxes we use to collect leaves and weeds from the yard.

I walked down the deck steps and over to the box where the bird still lay. I offered more words of encouragement, but she stayed there lying on a bed of leaves.  So I picked up the box with the bird inside, carried it out into the yard, and dumped it gently into a bed of mulch. When I did this, the little bird flew up into a nearby camellia bush.

I watched the bush for a couple of minutes. I couldn't see the little bird due to the dense foliage, but could hear her chirping. So I put the tote box back next to the house and went inside to continue my day. I don't know what happened to the little bird but I know I did what I could to help her get up and get going. She probably would have been able to go on without my effort, but I'll never know that either.

I think God and the little bird gave me a life lesson. Maybe I should be looking out for people who are down and could use a little encouragement to get them up and moving. They might be able to do it without my help, but at least I should try.

Photo Credit: Living Juicy Flickr.com

Photo Credit: Living Juicy

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