I have a question for those who've had experience with public mental health systems in California.

I lived in California for 40 years and left seven years ago to move to Florida because we found a residential program for our son, Bret, that looked better than anything I saw in California. It's a beautiful campus on a lovely lake in an area that's close to other lakes, springs, Disney, and the beach. It didn't work out for my son and he left in August 2012.  Now we want to move back to California but the county where we lived and where I worked for Contra Costa Mental Health has been devastated. It wouldn't be smart to move back to a worse situation.

My question is this: Is there any county that has a decent, effective residential program, either public or private, that anyone can recommend? I know about the John Henry Foundation in Santa Anna but we aren't interested in living in Orange County and we want to be near to Bret so we can visit often.

I'd appreciate any information that anyone can share about a facility in California that's helped your adult child; about a place that offers a real program with psychiatric care. Our son's on meds and is very savvy. He just needs guidance at night and lots to keep him busy.

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