July 26, 2017

Good morning, Dede,

So, I’ve been reading more of your blog – it’s a great read and sheds light on the world that I know so little about. We are promoting your talk at our workplace. We have already sent out a Save The Date notice via email. I received a lot of positive responses from staff and RSVPs. We are all very excited and truly appreciate your willingness to come to our agency and share your story. 

Here at Covered California, we implement the ACA in our State. The ACA mandates mental health treatment as an Essential Health Benefit, which means now that all plans must offer mental and behavioral health services. As you may know best, we have a lot of work to do in California. How the system is right now is not enough but it is a step In the right direction. We are hopeful for the future and understand the importance of mental health as an Essential Health Benefit – we do not want to go backwards and lose the available mental health services for those in need.

It is truly an honor to have you come here and share your incredibly personal story. Being a mother opens your eyes to a deeper sense of emotions. I understand your story is painful and somehow also inspirational. For this reason, I thank you again for your willingness to come here and let us be your audience.

Cristina Kryeziu 
AGPA - Office of Legal Affairs
Covered California

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