Photo Credit: Adam Houlahan   

Photo Credit: Adam Houlahan


I'm trying my best to get a blog off the ground that puts a face on mental illness. "Thousands of people impacted" is impossible to visualize.  We need individual stories. And my daughter, Kerry, who knows much more than I do about computer stuff,  is helping me figure out this blog/website construction so we don't have to spend money we don't have getting it set up.

We've been moving along pretty well, but this weekend I wanted to attend the 50th wedding celebration of a high school friend who happens to have 17 children - 12 adopted. More about their family later as it involves mental illness.

This weekend, I also hoped that we'd get a "Subscribe" email button set up so you would know when there's a new post -- I'm operating about five minutes ahead of myself. But my daughter, Marisa, is in town, moving from Seattle to San Diego, and I can't miss time with her and her family.

Now, some of you are sending newspaper clippings about mental illness situations in your state. Some of you are telling me you want to post your personal story but you are hesitant, afraid. Stigma is so big.

Anyway, this is not the post I hoped to make. It's filling in until Kerry and I can get the technical aspects of the website up to speed.

Believe me, I hear you and I'm not going away.

Hope you're having a good week.




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