MY LIFE HAS CHANGED by Andrea Turner

I have to say my life has changed so much.

I'll admit, I was really bad when I was younger. Drank alcohol everyday. But since my diagnosis of schizo-affective disorder back in 2007, I don't drink anymore. I don't know that much about meds, but once I was put on meds and had a clear mind, my thinking changed altogether.

I do have a social drink now and then, but not like I used to. Now, I really don't care for alcohol. I drink a lot of coffee and I know that's not good either. I don't use drugs  — only the ones prescribed. I understand about serious mental illness and remember what I went through. It's hell for the person hearing the voices. Well, for me, anyway.

I like the life I'm living today and never want to go back to my old life again. I know too many people who've passed away because they were living the kind of life I was living.

Andrea, her dad, Howard and Duke

Andrea, her dad, Howard and Duke