Can I please shout profanities? Ugh! My son's in the hospital in Utah. Going on three weeks now.
Following another hospitalization in April.

It seemed like things were going in the right direction — we were working on stabilizing him and filling out Medicaid and disability applications but with no guarantees. 

Just spoke to the social worker about my son's mental status:  "He's really sick."

Then, for the third time in as many days, I'm asked about moving him back to California. I'm told "He's using our resources. We're going to have to eat these past two hospitalizations."

Guilt trip big time. And it keeps happening. The social workers always wind up guilt tripping us. I've been crystal clear with them that in California he will die. We can't have him live with us (his only support system). 

The police here have repeatedly refused to help us when he did live here. He's been brutally beaten twice by the police — removed once by taser. Then, in November, he sustained a life threatening injury. He was found bleeding out. Once he was a little stable at the hospital in Oakland, they turned him out on the street, in the rain, with his foot basically sewn on. He'd put his foot through a window and almost fully amputated it. 

With 40 pain killers in hand, crutches, a boot on his foot, and still psychotic, my son found his way to our doorstep. He'd eaten all the painkillers and was in excruciating pain. He'd lost his crutches and taken the boot off. Because of the psychosis, he refused to go back to the ER. We finally got him to go and then our Utah family stepped in to help. So he made it to Utah. He's now a resident there and because funding isn't in place we're getting guilt tripped again to take him back to California. 

The social worker is pissing me off. I've said, "With a discharge plan, we stand a better chance that he won't go through this revolving door again." But to no avail. Not ever. I'm terrified they're going to Greyhound him back to California and they're just not telling us.

I'm so tired, angry, and frustrated. Thanks for letting me vent. I don't know what to do. Any advice?

Photo Credit: quietseattle Flickr.com   

Photo Credit: quietseattle