March 9, 2018


Thanks for writing me back. Thank you for all that you do for mental health. Good luck with your book. Sorry to hear what happened to your son. I'm sure he would be proud of your effort to help families who struggle with mental illness.

i don't want to die. But exercising has been difficult. I haven't wanted to exercise. I'm depressed. I'm happy you can find some peace by driving in the country and looking at nature. Thank you for reminding me to take it one day at a time. I tend to forget that.

I'm struggling to stay positive. I feel like all the fight in me has been taken out. I pray for your book to be a success. I pray for your heart. This isolation has made me afraid of life. I'm afraid I'm too far gone. If you want you can use my letters on your blog. Hopefully, the next time I write it will be more positive.

Sincerely, Travis

California Men's Colony State Prison
P.O. Box 8101
San Luis Obispos, CA 93409-8101
Travis Christian
CDCR#: bb8099
Cell #: B-1

NOTE: Travis's mom reports that he's been moved out of solitary, temporarily, due to his deteriorating health. He's still in isolation, however, in a critical care bed. She fears for his life.

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