Beautiful words with an undertone that has caught me…carrying me up and down. Such a good writer that I am grateful to be with you.  I can borrow some courage here.  Janet

I just put it on the list for my book club sometime in the next year.  Candace

I'm reading now.  I live in they Bay Area. Looking forward to more connection. I'm heartbroken you lost Pat. Truly heartbroken.  Renee

Dede: Your writing is captivating! I find that I'm waiting for the next post, like when you finish a good novel and can't wait for the sequel. You and Pat have such a wonderful gift for using words in prose and poetry....thanks for writing this. I can't imagine what you've been dealing with. Carry're making a difference!  Joan

Thank you again and again Dede. I came away with the same good feeling about your stories, how you tell them and the information contained, but I also came away with the wish that I would have had the opportunity to meet Patrick. His demeanor, his sense of humor. I am falling in love with him. Just such an amazing young man. You are so lucky to have him as your Son. Tama

Thank you for your feedback. You give me courage to continue.  Dede

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