AH REALITY. IT SUCKS by Laurie Mendoza

The room and board my son was in decided not to serve three meals a day. They can do that because room and boards aren't always licensed. It's a breach in the rental agreement. But who has money for an attorney? I had major problems with my car this month. My son knew I wouldn't be able to help him. He made the decision that he didn't want to pay these landlords more money for services they don't provide.

So Sunday he got a storage unit. He  paid on it for two months and moved out. He wants to be able to buy his own cigarettes and food since the room and board only buys $40 worth of food for a week. That's for 13 people. My son was paying $750 per month for a shared room. Figure this one. $750 times 13. That averages to about $9,000.00 a month. Now multiple that by 12 months. That's how much they're making off the mentally ill and seniors and they run at least three houses. The two landlords each have arrest records.

My son is kind of emotionally flat lining. He's out on the streets and he doesn't like it this time. If he'd stayed at that house he wouldn't have had enough to eat. He really wanted to find another place but his phone broke. Phones are important to everyone but especially to people with serious mental illness. He's sleeping in alleyways. No way to call 911. Plus the phone plays music and music keeps the voices away. He has no close friends. He wanders the streets of Carmichael, California. The sheriff or security guards taser him to keep him moving. He does have goals but little things knock him back. Ah reality. It sucks.

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An alleyway for Laurie's son Photo credit: harland spinksphoto/flickr

An alleyway for Laurie's son
Photo credit: harland spinksphoto/flickr