At year's end, I'm so proud of this blog and the storytellers who've made it happen: Marie Abbott, Margie Altman, Gilbert Anderson, Jr., Janet Wood Asbridge, David Bain, Mary Barksdale, Tama IsesaJah Bell, Joyce Berryman, Ronni Blumenthal, Judy Waldo Bracken, Kendra Burgos, Crystal Burks, GG Burns, Robin Burton, James Callner, Sylvia Charters, Laurie Lethbridge Christmas, Elizabeth Courtois, Deborah DeLash, Sonia Fletcher Dinger, May Enos, Deborah Fabos, Laural Fawcett, Anne Schmidt Francisco, Heidi Franke, Mike Gaeta, Patricia Gager, Sheila Ganz, Deborah Geesling, Val Greenoak, Jeanne Gore, Donna Hairston, Janet Hayes, Gloria Hill, Sherry Hunter, Dj Jaffe, Joe IV, Amy Kerr, Kevin, Nikki Landis, Ray Maternick, Maggie McGurk, Lynn Nanos LICSW, Linda Olivia, Teresa Pasquini, Laura Pogliano, Donia Que, Diane Rainbowitz, Patrick Ranahan, Ryan Reyes, Karen Riches, Frank Robbins, Kate Schultz, Joann Strunk, Andrea Turner, Sandy Turner, Cheri VanSant, Laurie Lamsus Vogel, William Vogel, Lynne Warberg, Christi Weeks, Kim West, Craig Willers, Mindy Willers, and Maggie Willis.

Storytelling is ancient. Over time, storytellers, who are good at chronicling the important events of their tribes, come to reach positions of respect and power within their communities. Storytelling is one of our most important traditions because stories instruct and inspire. Stories help us feel what others feel when we haven't experienced what they've experienced. Stories help others feel what we feel when they haven't experienced what we've experienced. Stories help all of us feel not so alone.

Sometimes it's not easy being storytellers. We don't know if anyone is reading our stories. It can seem like we're writing our stories in sand. But look at the photo below. The "story in sand" represents someone's anonymous time and effort. At water's edge, this undertaking will be washed away. Before it vanishes, however, it's been captured by at least one photographer and I'm posting the image here and passing it on. The artist has no idea of the reach and impact of his/her/their soulful expression. Likewise, our stories can resonate in ways beyond our comprehension.

I hope, in 2018, you'll continue to tell your stories. I hope, in 2018, your stories will include accounts of improvement in the lives of your loved ones and in mental illness care. Thank you so much for writing for and reading this blog. And, if you're inclined, please share Sooner Than Tomorrow with your families and friends.

Photo credit: Marisa Farnsworth Marisa is my daughter. She's taken most of the photographs I've used for HAPPY PICS. Thank you, Marisa. 

Photo credit: Marisa Farnsworth
Marisa is my daughter. She's taken most of the photographs I've used for HAPPY PICS.
Thank you, Marisa.