Here is my son wandering on the street in San Francisco followed by an old friend from junior high school who is trying to help me get law enforcement to arrive, and the mental health crisis team to get him to medical treatment.

They'll keep him for a brief time and then dump him on the street again before providing complete care. He has a medical condition and is in complete delusional psychosis. I'm trying to get him the treatment he deserves.

People look at the homeless as if this is normal or a lifestyle choice. It's time to wake up and stop believing the lies that are causing neglect and death of disabled persons and the diversion of funds. The mental health care system is failing to provide services that it's funded to provide. Instead, It burdens law enforcement, first responder, and the criminal justice system with the costs. It uses excuses and hides behind HIPPA and "civil rights" and leaves many to suffer on the streets and in jail.

My son has a right to treatment. I'll continue to shout to the rafters until everyone stops turning a blind eye. The homeless population is primarily made up of disabled persons like my son. Many have families desperate to care for them. Those who don't have family support are doomed in this system. We treat dogs better.

Shaylon on the street

Shaylon on the street

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