Dede, thank you for helping people. The mental health system is broken and the people like yourself make a difference. You need to know that there are big angels watching over me day and night! And know there are people out there, like yourself and many of our friends, who helped the most for vulnerable people. Cary

Carry on, Dede! I love you and the work you are doing. Mary Lyn Rusmore-Villaume

Feedback for my essay, "A Canary in the Coal Mine," appearing in the new book, We Rise to Resist, Voices from a New Era in Women's Political Action. (available on Amazon)

Hi. I got to read "A Canary in the Coal Mine" and I am so impressed by it. It is so powerful and tells such a powerful story. I can say one thing, you cannot ever look back and say you didn’t try every single thing you could. Thank you so much for writing that. G. Nickerson


To read "My Diary" from the beginning, go to "Scenes from the Trenches" June 14, 2017, in the Archives on the right hand side of the blog page. To continue reading, scroll up in the archives from June 14, 2017, and click on each individual diary post. If you have difficulty, message or email me and I'll walk you through it. I didn't know, as I was writing, that I was capturing the last year of my son's life. His voice comes through loud and clear. For me, in these pages, he'll always be alive.

If you're reading and liking "A Mother's Diary," please let me know. I'm building a case for getting it published — one way or the other. Thanks. 

Please share my blog/book with "other wayfarers who might catch a resonating echo while wandering in my woods." Thanks.

May 18, 2014 - May 29, 2014: Checking In * Thinking Yard Today * Countdown to 70 * Happy Birthday * Mail * Emails and Blessings * Maya Angelou

My diary posts are getting more emotional for me as I come close to my last entry and the ending I never saw coming. Thank you for reading along. You've helped me keep my son "alive" for one more year.

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Pat and me in 1969

Pat and me in 1969

From the oldest