Welcome to my blog. This is my first post. I've included the photo of the killdeer because a killdeer mom gave me courage when I needed it most.     

Excerpt from my book Sooner Than Tomorrow: "This morning I'm heartened on my early walk. The killdeer is back on her nest, in the same brown and gray rocks as before, one block over. No trees shade her. No bushes shield her from predators. She sits on four new eggs -- faithful, vulnerable, determined. 'You inspire me little Mama Bird, and I wish you the best. We mothers have to stick together.'"

Please know that I intend this blog to be about more than just me and my book. I want it to be a safe place for mothers and grandmothers and sisters and daughters - any family member or caregiver really - to tell our stories and to share insights about living our lives to the fullest while we try to help someone we love cope with severe mental illness.

Many mental health advocacy sites exist already. On the other hand, this site is about us -  a place where where we can have thoughtful discussions about what we need to keep going in the face of overwhelming challenges. I envision this blog as our cheering section and online support group.

Some possible topics for upcoming discussions:

How do I keep my balance when mental illness in my family is creating chaos all around me?

When and how do I set boundaries with my ill family member?

How do I keep happiness and joy in my life when a family member has serious mental illness and is sad or depressed?

How do I work with mental health professionals on behalf of my adult child when privacy laws prohibit my interaction?

So here we go. Let's see where this takes us. I look forward to hearing from you, hosting our discussions,  and posting your stories.

Hope you're having a good week.