Dede - Love your intro - A Mother's Diary.  First rate. I would love to read more. The very best to you. Kathy

Thanks for sharing your life, Dede. Don't want to be dramatic, but 7 years after Josh's first psychotic break and 2.5 years after he ended his life in the hell of prison where he never should have been, I am still angry and heartbroken. None of it makes sense. I don't want anyone to suffer like Josh and we have. But there's some small comfort in knowing I'm not alone in the sadness that weighs me down every day. God bless you. Anne

Dede...I just finished reading the latest edition of your blog.  You amaze me with your writing ability and your candor in the face of major obstacles!  Thank you for sharing.  Kiss the cat for me.  I will kiss my dog in return. Nancy

Dede, I am reading your blog.  You are such a good writer and have so much to say and you do it so well.  I had no idea you had been through so much trauma, drama, heartbreak with Pat. You are wonderful to share your stories and reach out to others who have similar problems. I must say mental illness is such a huge problem and getting worse every day.  We see it in the many homeless people who live here in Medford but do not see it In the ones who are not on the street but are still affected in some way.  Maybe they have a caring mother who is doing her best. I am looking forward to reading your next entry in your blog.  Bette

COMING UP THURSDAY, JULY 27, 2017: AUGUST 3, 2013 - AUGUST 16, 2013

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