Dede, don’t ever stop writing. You have a gift. Loved reading about the Clooney dream. Which of us doesn’t need a thoroughly entertaining dream to lift us out of the daily funk known as the utter failure of the U.S. Mental Health Care system? I must tell you that as I read each new installment of your diary, I become slightly anxious because I know what the future holds for Pat, and for you. Sending a hug.  Anne Schmidt Francisco

I agree with Anne about your writing Dede! It is a delightful glimpse into your real world, coupled with your dream world (George Clooney is in my dreams often, too) coupled with your beautiful son's beautiful mind. I confess that I haven't read every entry and will have to go back and catch up. How ironic that I took the time to read today's post and seeing our friend Rose mentioned. Thank you for always holding me in your heart and thoughts, too. Even though we lost direct contact for awhile, Rose was always there to connect our broken hearts. Much love and gratitude to you for sharing this brilliant, painful memoir and showing the world how families like ours live, breath, laugh, cry, and dream. Teresa Pasquini


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January 26, 2014 - February 7, 2014: On To Off * Another Tragedy * A New Wrinkle * Tradition and Heritage * Requests and Success * Damn Freud * Same Old Same Old * "Thanks for Coming In" * When I Was a Child * Staying Grounded * The Young Crowd

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Pat and me 1969

Pat and me 1969