SOME CHILDREN by Rhonda Hart

Some children grow up to fight wars on foreign soil for causes not their own.

Some children must fight addiction, sometimes their own or sometimes their parents.

Some children are born into poverty and fight hunger, need, and homelessness.

Some children are the victims of bullies and fight just to be treated as a person.

Some children fight physical illnesses and disabilities.

Then, some children fight unseen forces that affect every aspect of who they are and who they can be; what they can achieve and where they can fit in; who they can love and who will love them back. This dreaded unseen force, also known as serious mental Illness, consumes them, their life, their future, their family, and their ability — and the ability of those who love them — to live what others take for granted as a normal life.


Photo credit: Bahman Farzad/flickr

Photo credit: Bahman Farzad/flickr