There was so much I liked about your post today – I had to transcribe my comments to a word document so I could get it all down: 

1.     The reminder that there was drought all the way back to 2014 – and looks like we’re in for it this year.

2.     Your encounter in the vet office – yes, I so agree with you “starting a conversation with someone, anyone, and you’re apt to hear an amazing story.“  I’ve had the experience many times.

3.     Your Dr. Seuss quotes are, of course, delightful.

4.     Your short dissertation on death – “a window of time” – something I think about being the same age is you. Don’t like to be morbid – but we are all mortal beings.

5.     And, finally, I was not aware you wrote a book in 1981 – and I love the picture.

Kudos to you Dede – once again. Chris Biswell


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Pat and me 1969

Pat and me 1969