A friend posted this message yesterday 5/17 (below) on a private Facebook page and has given me permission to repost it here.  Please call 802-579-3555 if you have any information about his son.

Urgent situation. We just found out that, after multiple reassurances from the Deputy Commissioner of Mental Health in Massachusetts, the Department of Mental Health allowed my son with autism and schizophrenia get on an airplane to Texas today. We don't know where he boarded or where in Texas he landed.

My son is unmedicated, in a chronic psychosis, and is developmentally unable to live on his own. He cannot count money and they allowed him to empty his bank account ($800). We're hoping police are able to trace my son's landing point through TSA so that police in Texas can be alerted.

My son has been living in a 24-hour staffed group home all year and was on a commitment in a state hospital for the entire year before that following an incident that occurred in his prior DMH group home. In addition to autism and schizophrenia, my son also suffers from a severe eating disorder and weighs only 122 pounds at 5'10".

It is unconscionable that someone in such fragile condition could be allowed to board an airplane to somewhere where they know no one and have no supports whatsoever. I cannot imagine where my son is or what he could be doing at this moment.

Any suggestions are welcome as we are beside ourselves with worry.

Please call 802-579-3555 if you have any information about my son.  Please do not approach him as he may be easily frightened.




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